Kevin and his family have been a part of College Park Church for several years. This is Kevin's story:

While pumping gas one day, a man approached Kevin asking for change. Kevin begins to give the man what he has in his pockets without hesitation. Then, he remembers one of Pastor Mark's recent sermons about how easy it is to be a Christian in the church, but it takes so much more effort outside of the church to change the world. In Pastor Mark's sermon "I Just Don’t Care to be Broken", he challenges the congregation to ask God to break us and he spoke about not letting opportunities pass you by. In his message, Pastor Mark refers back to a time in his life when he came face to face with a man who later committed suicide. When in situations such as this, Pastor Mark says "It wouldn’t hurt to ask someone if they are ok. You could change lives forever with that simple question".

After giving the man some money, the guy thanks Kevin and turns to walk away. Kevin knows this is his chance. Kevin calls out, "Hey man…are you ok?" Turning back around, the man answers him "NO, I'm not". "What's up man?" Kevin quickly asks. With sadness in his eyes, the man answers, "I just found out my father has brain cancer." Handing the money back to Kevin, the man confesses, "To be honest, I was going to spend this on a drink. I just need a drink." Kevin asks for the man's name, "Michael" he replies. "Michael, I appreciate you being honest with me. You can keep the money, but buy something else you need."

Michael pulls a small New Testament Bible from his pocket. Kevin excitedly responds, "Michael, your answer isn’t in a drink, it's right there in your pocket." Kevin then shares his Dad's testimony and asks Michael if he minds if he prays with him. Michael asks, "You would do that for me? You would pray for me?" "Yes, of course" Kevin answers. They begin to pray together and after opening his eyes, Kevin sees Michael crying and embraces Michael. Kevin asks, "What else can I do for you man?" "Will you promise you will keep praying for me?" says Michael. "I promise I will be praying for you and for your dad, but promise me that you are gonna start looking for the answers you need in that little book you have in your pocket." "I will!" declares Michael.

When telling the story to his mom the next day Kevin said, "Mom, I have told Dad's testimony so many times, but that's the first time I have ever shared it." Kevin said that he was so humbled and he didn’t know if God sent Michael to him or him to Michael. But, it was the best thing Kevin has experienced. While talking to Michael, Kevin just kept hearing Pastor Mark saying "What if…" Kevin told his mom that he had been praying for God to break him down and use him and to let his light shine for His glory. 

"That night God did it and it was the best thing I've ever done."